November 8, 2021 : Production delays in Brazil. Pending ship date. Follow @fu_wax_usa on Instagram to watch for post and stories when we are restocked. /// Please note that USPS has recently increased their rates, while also slowing down shipping time. First class rates have increased $.30 and Flat Rate Priority Mail has increased $.75.

Shipping Costs

Shipping via USPS

First Class padded mailer with tracking:
1 bar $3.49; 2 bars $3.85; 3 bars $4.68; 4 bars $5.98
Priority Mail Small Flat Rate box: 5 to 7 bars $7.90
Priority Mail Padded Flat Rate Envelope: 8-20 bars $8.00
Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate box: 21-50 bars $13.75
Priority Mail Large Flat Rate box: 51-100 bars $19.30